Through the Eyes of a Mother of a Race Driver

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At the age of 29, on June 25, 1997 I looked into the eyes of a 7 pound 9 ounce beautiful baby girl and frilly dresses and ballet slippers went through my mind.

Nine years later, those ballet slippers became race shoes and a race suit with speeds of 60 mph and the only pirouette was when the go cart would spin out.

Flash forward to 2021, I look back and remember all the slumber parties (not with girls and girly stuff) at the tracks with race families. Late into the night all the kids would ride scooters and golf carts around the track; make s’mores at the bon fire; race scooter obstacle courses; etc. They all made life long friends where some have continued into NASCAR and others have found different pathways.

In the end, once you’ve become part of the race family, you’re always a race family. The bond is priceless! Thank you to all the local short tracks who gave our family the memories through the years!

Mother of Natalie Decker

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