Natalie Decker Couldn’t Catch a ‘Brake’ at Martinsville Speedway

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April 10, 2022 Davidson, NC- Natalie Decker Post Race Statement: “”Our NERD Focus No. 28 Mustang had brake issues from the start of the race and it was a battle our team fought until the end.” Decker started p38 and ten laps into the race the right rear caliber hung up.

During second stage, Decker lost all brakes at lap 100 due to left front caliber seal leak and all brake fluid was lost. The NERD Focus No. 28 was brought to garage for quick repair which put Decker 18 laps down.

Stage three Decker continued the brake battle by maintaining position in the rear and driving without using brakes. Decker stated, “Thank you everyone for all your support the Martinsville race weekend was not as good as the one last season on Halloween. Sadly we had brakes fail on us and the whole race we had to manage them and do our best with what we had and it was horrible but we made it to the end and we didn’t give up!” Decker finished p35.

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  1. She’s got talent!!!
    She needs time in the same car & team & not be bounced around for publicity & attention!!!
    If given the chance, she could make things happen???

  2. Keep it up Natalie!!
    Fight for every start you can get, stay smart, be fearless and tough. Prove your talents, stay confident. Its always been cool to watch your progress. (even when brakes take you out) and on that topic please keep this website current so we know what happened, and know what your running next.
    Good Luck

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